Post PAX Prime

Two weeks ago, we went to PAX Prime where I cosplayed as Ms. Splosionman, Jade (MK) and went casual on Sunday with my SpiritHood on. It was a fun weekend where we got to see my honey money freestyle, see awesomely awesome games and many other things. The articles should be up on shifted soon!

Another thing was… Tony and I missed out on some amazingly awesome road trip adventures! Our team got a gun pulled on them, a bear almost swiped them, they went to a lumber yard, and accidentally found a NeoNazi base camp. All Tony and I did was hop on a plane after my practicum.

Well that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll start writing more again.


Post E3

Since E3, I haven’t had time to even to ANYTHING! Classes started the same week as E3 and I am ever so tired of writing. But I love it! And that’s the way life is. I’ll post a few links to articles from Shifted soon. For now, check out the new site, new photos and new… stuff. Soon, I’ll have Your Mental Notes up too!

Maxim Gamer Girl Search

Lately, I’ve been a part of the Gamer Girl Competition sponsored by Virgin Gaming and Maxim. It would be so amazing if I can be recognized as a model and gamer by Maxim. It would be too cool! However, I need assistance in my goal. If you are reading this, please vote for me! Registration is free and you can vote once a day. I would greatly appreciate it ! And I’ll do my best to post new content every day- erm, at least once a week if my class work is getting heavy.

I kindly thank all of you for your support!

Maxim Gamer Girl Contest

Dr. Peter Cross M.D.

The last time I went to NJ, my friends and I filmed a sketch we called “Dr. Peter Cross M.D.” It is a satirical video about the male libido and magical Asian hands. It is for entertainment only- Enjoy!

Dr. Peter Cross- Pat Cross
Mike- Mike Catapano
Katie- Katie North
Patient- Tony Money
Massage Specialist- Shayne Anigan


Directed by Mike Catapano
Produced by Mike Catapano, Chris Forgie, and Steve Buccarelli
Edited by Mike Catapano and Chris Forgie
Written by Mike Catapano



Hello world!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my page. I hope it will be easy to navigate and you will have a wonderful time ^_^ I’m Shayne Anigan, gamer, graduate psychology student, writer, and ninja zombie slayer.

If you have any questions, please feel free!